Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Esprique Select Eye Color Eyeshadow Singles - Fall 2016

Esprique Select Eye Color was first released back in 2015(See the promo image on Rouge Deluxe). The range promises glistening diamond shine, transparent finish, some skin-loving amino acid (of the sort) and long wear. For fall 2016, they released four limited edition shades at the beginning of August.

At first, I had my eyes on the orange as I am finally catching on the jaundiceyes trend (Korean options aren't very wearable for my daily life). While I was ordering (alphabeauty.net, still available, you are welcome) I noticed four shades actually make a velvety quad that's great for late summer and early fall. 
The eyeshadow comes with clear acrylic compacts, that looks as expensive(or cheap) as Jill Stuart and should be easily depoted , given that they do sell palette that fits two of these. I keep them in the compact since when it comes to eyeshadow singles, I (am so lazy that I) use each shade by itself. 

Anyway, all four shades are of the same finish so layering doesn't make sense to me, unless you are mixing them into a new shade.  
I got all four since they are less than 10 bucks a pop (Japanese retail is 800 yen, what a bargain). 
Esprique names each shade with alphanumeric (which can get confusing if you buy more than a few, proven by the multiple typos in my swatch images ) and each accompanied with short description. 

OR-200 Sunset Orange
BR-307 Grown Up Gray Brown
PK-803 Berry Rose Pink
BR-308 (Ashitsuya...Sorry, my Japanese is kindergarten level) something Mauve Brown

All four shades are soft, very easy to be picked up and blended with brush or fingertip. They are pigmented but come with a lovely translucency when you sheer it out. The texture is very much like the summer 2015 trios by Suqqu, just not as melty. 
OR-200 Sunset Orange is a clear juicy orange. There isn't much flesh or coral tone to neutralize it but it's not loud or obnoxious.

If you are a very warm-toned, this might enhance the yellow in your skin. When I wore it with the (way too yellow for me) It Cosmetics CC cream, I felt and looked oompa loompa...
L'Oreal Cherie Merie from Miss Candy Collection (2013?) is more coral and Missha Orange Lady has more yellow tone. 
Excuse the tired eyes (I took the picture right after work). OR 200 looks fresh and glossy and it's enough of a brightening accent colors that can still be office-friendly. 
(Typo in swatch picture) BR-308  is a mauve taupe. Nothing that super special but I have a soft spot for this as it's my default neutral. 
This is a one shade wonder that's pretty on its own (The red might look like a piece of bloody tissue but it's just the reflection of a plastic bag).

BR-307 is the most boring shade in the bunch but I don't mind having a great basic in this particular formula.
L'Oreal Blinged and Brilliant (is not even close) with Missha Pecan Pie
Not sure how visible it is with my hooded lid. It a lightly enhancing shade when I want some warmth in my makeup.
PK-803 is a glossy raspberry that looks fresh and girly (and never like an eye infection). It layers well with the mauve brown 
See how neutral it looks compared to other pinks?
I have worn all four shades out (without primer to retain the clear finish) and the formula does stay fresh for hours even when it was very hot and humid.  As singles, the shades are very wearable (even they are neither terribly unique or complex) and saves a lot of time when I want a quick look. 

Although Esprique Select Eye Color won't replace my eyedshadow palettes, I will keep on collecting the shades I like (I have gotten a few more since). They are literally eye candies!


  1. DOH, new lemmings for me but I'll refrain for my own sake (and my pocket's). But that Missha Apple Blossom though, which eye shadow is that?? It looks so deliciously sparkly ^.^

    1. It's missha the style jewel star eyes (reviewd few months ago). It's mostly glitter and very little base color. I find them a little tacky and most suitable for middle school girl.

    2. Okay, I'll just stick with Aritaum then ^.^ Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Not must have though. But I do prefer them over similarly priced inglot and majolica majorca singles.

    2. Oh, good to know as I've been curious about Inglot. And I'll stay away if they're not must-haves. I have too much as it is!

  3. The description for BR308 is 'ashu ga katta', which means ash-tinted, so I guess it's supposed to be an ashy mauve brown. Thanks for the review and swatches, I was curious about these! I only own a couple of shades from this line but I do like them.

    1. Thank you! I was counting on some expert to the rescue. Takes me a while just to figure out the Japanese English.

      I tried to buy the holiday singles but the red sold out right away!


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