Friday, January 27, 2017

Dior Addict Milky Tint in Milky Pop

When it comes to lip colors, it seems that I never stepped out of my comfort zone: Whenever I am browsing, my attention always gravitate toward the sheer red, blue pink and orange-coral. This past summer, I finally branched out and ventured into punchy pink. It's still between coral and pink, that's as adventurous as I get.

 I am a little wary of pinky coral because many turn into just pink (an extra bright, glaring gaudy kind of pink) on me. Luckily, it seems that Dior had thought it through (unlike Shiseido global) and they are the kind to lit up the skin. 

Dior Addict Milky Tint was a summer release last year and it has since joined the permanent line up. 
Milky Pop is a bright raspberry in a semi-milky consistency. No stick, no gunk, just a bit more viscous than water.
The pedal shaped applicator is cushiony and great at spreading the watery gloss. 
Milky Pop is very much like the peach one I had. There is a bit of creamy opacity without a strong white base. It looks a bit white mainly because my lips can get very red.

 The bolder color of Milky Pop also stays noticeably longer than Milky Peach (which seems to evaporate in 20 minutes then fade into oblivion). It's a super bright color that I could wear both with a summer tan or my wintry purple undertone.  In fact, this is what I turn to when my berry lipstick make me look lead-poisoned.

If they release a creamy sheer red, I will buy it in a heartbeat. 


  1. I'm eyeing the new Dior addict lipstick in rose twist from the spring 2017 collection. It's limited edition but that's what I hate about it. It's only available for a limited time. I'm loyal to my favourite shades. I want to buy it over and over again. It's a brighter and punchier version of 553 Smile.

    1. I want the pink twist (it looks the brightest)or fuchsia but guess what, they are still not showing up at the counters and sephora. I think I will just give up and buy some chicca lipstick instead.


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