Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Surratt Prismatique Eyes in Visual Eyes

When Surratt released these Prismatique Eyes back in spring, it made a little splash. Well, it must have because it was sold out in every Sephora store during the spring sale. I only tried two stores and ended up paying full prized later.
Surratt Prismatique Eyes is a range of double deck eyeshadow with a creamy base and a powder on top (which happens to look just like RMK Ingenious Powder and Cream Eyeshadow from their Fall 2013 collection, down to packaging). 

It's still somewhat hard to find eyeshadow with clear and complex shimmer (Nars is getting at it for the past few collections) in the west so I was pretty excited to try these in the store. After several trips, I went home with Visual Eyes thinking it was the most unique one that's still wearable. 
The little compact looks like a delicate jewelry box (that's about to snap into two pieces if you don't babysit it). There is that typical Surratt purple-teal shimmer, nice to own (just one) and would get confusing when you have multiple.
The top layer is a potted cream shadow and liner and the bottom is a clear glittery top coat.
 The liner for Visual Eyes is an indigo that kind of looks eggplants with all the warmer shimmer. The shimmer are so tiny that it's more or less just cream.
I think most bloggers I have heard from use the cream pot as a base for the powder. I am not a big fan of punk out smokey eyes (I don't like to wear eyeshadow that are opaque and/or deep) so I keep the two separate. By itself, the cream is a thin, slippery and never dries down. It smears easily and blends out to some smudge marks on the lids.
The powder pan, in the other hand, is just delightful. The base is predominately cool gray but there is enough blurple in the shimmer to turn the whole thing purple. The shimmers is multi colored and multi size/shape, giving a clear glossy look that I love about Japanese eyeshadow. The depth of color and level of pigment is just enough to be worn as a defining lid color. 
Surratt Visual Eyes (cream and powder) next to my favorite purple taupe of so far Majolica Majorca BE-700 (liner shade). I usually just ditch the cream and wear the powder as a neutral lid shade. 
Surratt Visual Eyes 
With the already smudged liner

So, I really love this shade but most likely won't go back for more. It's quite expensive (over 40 bucks with tax. I might get a whole Lunasol palette at that price) especially I find the cream pan useless. 

Next time when I want complex color and finish, I would rather pay the mark up and buy from Kose Addiction instead. 


  1. That powder shadow is pretty! But you're right, that cream liner jar would be useless for me too...

    1. If the powder part are available as single, I would totally get style eyes (then again it's kind of similar to nars hardwire). I bought a powder surratt shadow when I had a coupon. It turned out meh....


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