Friday, December 16, 2016

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in RD-732 Blush

I have mentioned in my last Shiseido lipstick review that I found their whole range to have very high quality with two major downfalls: The brighter colors tend to look oddly "off" on me (extra bright and garish) while the subdued colors are just plain boring. 

Today, let me show you another one of their Perfect Rouge, belonging to the latter group.
RD732 Blush is a creamy brownish rose. Even though this has a creamy (white instead of my prefered clear) base, the texture is very smooth and hugs onto lips with zero chalky finish. 
The color is Beautiful and grown up. It doesn't do much to my skin, beside looking a bit middle age corporate lady. 

You know when you find the right lipstick, it would light up your face? Well, it's funny that none of the Shiseido lipsticks does that for me.  Their eyeshadow are totally weird on me as well but that's a different story. 
The color of.Blush actually is still a notch lighter than my natural lip color so it looks milky rose on me. It's very polished and clean look that I don't normally go for. While the slight shine doesn't stay, it settles into satin matte finish that's still intact (doesn't turn into a thin film) and light weight.

 I actually love the formula a lot that I occasionally put it on just as a lip balm. I just never wore it out in broad daylight. 

Verdict: Well. This didn't change my impression of the brand, maybe the next one will. Well, I am going back to Kanebo for now.


  1. I feel the same about Shiseido. I own a few products (synchro foundation, primer, eyelash curler, powder brush, blush brush) but I'm not totally blow away. I find the quality to be really mediocre and colours really boring. Shiseido is really expensive in Australia and I'd rather buy Lancome, Dior or MAC. I feel like they really need to revamp the whole brand. I saw their new lipsticks, Shiseido rouge rouge, I swatched some of them, they seem really nice- probably even better than Lancome new updated l'absolue lipsticks but the colour range is so boring- either clown bright colours or dull nudes. Dior addict lipstick in 553 smile is my using a lip brush to scoop out every bit from the bullet, I'm using it up until it's bone dry, that's how much I love it.

    1. I think it's Shiseido Global (it feels more like a disconnected American brand for middle aged ladies. Lots of their makeup and skincare are made in US now as well) that's sinking...Their daughter brands maquillage, ettusais aren't that dull. I only buy Majolica Majorca because I have a soft spot for their palettes.

      Anyway, whenever I want to drop the bucks, I look into kose and Kanebo nowadays.

      Now I have to make an active effort checking out Dior Lipsticks. I was wearing a Milky tint yesterday and it made me feel so pretty haha. Now I am looking for a lipstick equivalent of Milky pop.

    2. However, I do like their luminizing satin face color blush, in RD 103. I think it has a cult following, it looks like it's part of your skin and not blush sitting on top of your skin. I can't wear any blushes with lots of chunky shimmer in it as it ages me even more. This blush has a really fine glow to it.

      I really like the Dior addict lipsticks because it's a gel texture lipstick but without being slippery. You can call them glorified tinted lip balms, lolz they probably are. It's easier to wear than a traditional cream lipstick. The texture is really cushiony which is why I really like it. Normally when I hit the base of a lipstick, I toss it out but this one I'm digging like a coal miner lolz!

    3. I have Shiseido RD 103! I kept thinking the shade I own is something PK or BE because it's more like a nude peach. I do like the color actually/am wearing it today but the blush pan just fell out two days ago as it was getting too cold...I think there is also a white one that's like the queen of apple cheeks. I am not sure I want to deal with the falling pan again though.

    4. I found the lipgloss equipment of Dior addict lipstick 553 smile...Lancôme lip lover in 316 rose attrape-coeur. My love affair with Revlon colorburst lipgloss Bellini is over, I rarely use it anymore as I find it too pale and milky. These Lancome lip lover glosses are amazing...has everything- texture, colour, shine. Dare I say, probably the best lip gloss I've used. I'm on a huge Lancôme binge at the moment. Lancome never used to be on my radar but ever since Lisa Eldridge came i find myself buying, primer, powder, concealer, mascara, blush (I'm hooked on the blush subtil blushes) lipsticks, gloss, cleanser...too bad Lancome isn't popular with the young kids who love all the trendy social media brands.

    5. I think lancome is less of an auntie brand now with Lisa as the big boss (then I don't fangirl her....well I don't fangirl any makeup artists). I used to love their juicy tube, when I repurchased,the formula is less glassy than what it used to be.

      Someday I will try their mascara since hypose was hip among popular girlsin my highschool (for the very well off ones).

    6. Lancome is REALLY popular with asians, especially the housewives. Younger asians, not so much, I must be the exception. Everytime I go there, I always see asians and they are happy to drop hundreds in skincare without blinking an eye. Maybe it's a status thing. Same with Shiseido and Dior. They always employ an Asian associate at those counters. I'm still on the fence with Lancome skincare. I've got a tonne of samples and I'm slowly trying them out, see if it does anything for me before I think about dropping money on their skincare.

      I really like the grandiose waterproof mascara. It's actually very easy to use and gives me generous volume and length without any smudging.I wear glasses and with other mascaras they will smudge within 2 hours. This one stays out all day. It's comparable to Maybelline lash sensational but with a better brush design. It's my HG mascara.

  2. The color's pretty, but again I'm not so hot on the white base :( I think this is the one thing I most objected to about most Western brand lipsticks--many are white based.

    1. I suppose it's their focus...For similar colors (white based) I tend to prefer western brand over the Japanese ones (I have tried those from canmake, coffret dor and Jill Stuart, their white based lipstick feel filmy and thin after a while) ...For the clear based Japanese ones tend to be more plush. Anyway, Shiseido makes weirdly unflattering colors on me, even their sheer formula seems too slippy and thin on me.


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