Thursday, December 08, 2016

Pixi Skincare and Yes to Stuff at Target

Here are some overdue Target spy cam pictures while I was in San Fransisco (which by the way, made me miss the fancy gothic Target at downtown Chicago). They are only new to me since I don't live near any Target. 
Pixi (a brand I loved to swatch but was too cheap to buy from.) Glow Mud Cleanser and the famed Glow Tonic. Since my skin overexfoliate easily (just by the winter air), I am not too tempted.
Skin treats with mini cleanser, Glow Tonic and mask
Overnight glow serum, deep cream, nourishing sleep mask, glow mask and lip polish
Cleansing balm, cleansing cloths (for moisturizing or makeup removal)
Hydrating Milky Serum, Glotion Day Dew (what is with this name), 24k eye elixir, glow mix, makeup fixing mix and there is also a hydrating milky mix. I want to try them but I have a few bottles of Jurlique (they always show up in various sets) to finish. 
Undercover Crayon, foundation brush and concealing concentrate (another item I want to try).
A few steps away, a Yes to Display (they have sheet masks too!)
And I spot some soap...
Burt's Bees coconut and pear balm (looks new?) and I saw a strawberry version at Rite Aid. I wonder how the brand is doing now? Back then I loved their pomegranate lip balm...Now we have a gazillions options from allover the world. 
Random NYX primer and facial oil

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