Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Physicians Formula Selfie Ready Makeup and Mineral Wear Cushion

 Spotted at Rite Aid - Physicians Formula Insta Ready multi finish eyeshadow and primer duo. The model looks like a prettier version of Kendall Jenner (it can't be her since she is with Estee Lauder, right?) and I kind of wonder what the lip color is.
 Glide on Gel liners in Champagne Gunmetal (why is the "French" name for that bronze???) and Black Velvet
 Insta Ready foundation (with freebie sponge) and fixing spray
Mineral Wear Split Color Correcting...primer. So after all the mess I still have to add foundation on top? Well, at least the packaging is kind of cute.

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  1. The color correcting cushion looks interesting... I might get the green/yellow one just bc it's cute


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