Saturday, December 31, 2016

NYX Vivid Bright Creme Colour, Eyeliner, Faux White & Black and More AB Spy Cam

Yesterday after work, I hopped onto the train to the city, determined to make it to Chinatown before the produce vendors were gone (I got distracted by all the stores last week so I didn't get any snacks or veggies)...Instead of walking along 6th Ave (where there is Harmon, TJ Maxx), I went further east and...made a little stop at the NYX store at Union Square.
A new line popped up - Vivid Bright Creme Color (10$) is a range of creamy color pots that are mostly...creme except 03 Glam Rock, 10 Light Show and 12 Pill????k that are totally glittery-metallic. These vary in degree of slip but mostly are very soft (the testers are all brand new) and many can be used as eyeliner.
Quick swatch of the most shades (look at those huge lip glosses!) -  Love Overdose, Aqua Sapphire, Glam Rock, Sugar Rush, Cyberpop, Blue Print, Light Show and Get Money. The red thing on the very bottom is Bad Blood. I like the straight up yellow gold but the copper and taupe are way too similar to the  3-dollar elf Smudge Pots.

After 2 hours of hanging around downtown and walking back up to Times Square(to take the bus home), Aqua Sapphire, Blue Print, Sugar Rush, the two shimmery copper and gold. They all disappeared from my fist. Bad Blood wore like blood clot, with surface color gone but red bits sinking in the crevices. The three colors that stayed were Love Over Dose (hot pink), Cyberpop and Get Money (Kermit green). My preliminary thought on these is that beside the three, this range is mostly garbage.
 Here is the reason I stopped by the store - Vivid Bright liners that are bright and matte.  I wanted to get the red (but realized that I will never bother to wear it). I have three shades from the range: lilac, cobalt blue and orange and the particular burnt orange is really unique and not too harsh on the eyes.
More spy cam - Faux Black and White eyeliner
 Thisiseverything (nah it's not) lip balm in vanilla cherry blossom scent
 I don't have a picture of the NYX store but here is my tourist one for Empire State - It was snowing heavily (fourth time this winter already) for about 10 minutes.
 I made it to New Kam Man (yeah, I walked) one hour before closing! Here are newer Japanese products. Coupy Design colored mascara.
Radar Seed (peeling gel I think) that are pricey
My mini haul from the trip (No, there is no toddler in my household, my mom bought the pillow for me and sneakily packed it in my suitcase this past summer) : Sana Honey Shca Lip Jelly (because new Kam Man had a 15% off on all Japanese products where the cashier enters her password for every single item to apply the discount) . NYX Shadow Stick in Find Your Fire, the orange Vivid Bright Creme pot  (Phew, I didn't pick one of the duds).

Dalenna is doing a charity Stash Clean so I curious about the shimmer cubes again. I stopped by The Body Shop which was on the way (everthing like Sephora, Anna Sui, Yarn Stores etc was on the way because it's Manhattan) and found all the Shimmer Cubes are on clearance for 9 bucks. I got 32 Pink Poppy and 06 Warm. I wonder if I should go back for another one.

Purchases not included in the picture Kikumasamune Toner (huge), lots of baked good, snacks, cheap salmon, 3 lbs of cherries and veggies. All is well. 

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  1. Kinda bummed they are $10 each cause I want all of the creme colours. Thanks for the swatches !!


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