Saturday, December 24, 2016

Lovetulle Pure Liquid Rouge and Bonus AB Spy Cam

It has been a while since the Korean beauty products made their first splash (aka the time when I went "What the heck is BB cream?") and look how far they have come: K-Beauty is now available everywhere, popping up at Amazon (no complaint here, I like a cute cartfiller), Urban Outfitters and having their own sites. On the AsianBeauty subreddit, it seems like 90% of the posts are about Korean products (the the rest are of Hadalabo Gokujun, Biore sunscreen and My Beauty Diary masks).

For the ultra stubborn (and older, ahem) beauty fanatics who believe that "JB is the right way to AB", there is a little refuge for you, located at the heart of (ever so chaotic) Manhattan Chinatown. New Kam Man @ 200 Canal Street is a small (not by NYC standard) gorcery store that I visit almost weekly to replenish my stock of Asian snacks, soup mix and zongzi(sticky rice dumpling). On the rare chance that the main floor leaves you unsatisfied (who gets sick of cheap Pokey, mochi and fluffy cheese cake anyway?) , here is second floor, filled with Japanese skincare, some smaller makeup items and a random selection of Cantopop blasting nonstop.

During one of my trips this past summer, I picked up a tube of lip gloss because...I wanted some toy right then and there. I even checked Alphabeauty (their ebay store) for prices decided that the mark up is worth the wait. 
Lovetulle seems like newly emerged brand that belongs to B&C laboratories, the maker of this Makemania Lip Gloss that I used to love. It was light weight, small, cute and not too expensive at 13 bucks. Perfect toy that calls for no commitment.

I have been buying significantly less glosses these last two years, not really because I have grown out of it but due to their shorter shelf life (all it takes is a hot summer to spoil my whole stash).  Now, I would either buy shades I do get a lot of use of, or something that's dirt cheap (Wet n Wild) so I don't feel back using it just a few times. 
Lovetulle Pure Liquid Rouge is a gloss with syrupy texture (fluid but sticky). The flat hairy silicone applicator is great at spreading the product evenly.
I picked the deepest color (only one that doesn't appear milky) Berry Pink. It's a creamy raspberry pink with a semi translucent and glassy finish. It's smooths out lines right away and is a great thick moisturizer. The shine does fade down in an hour or so but it leaves a semi tacky layer that locks in moisture. Of course, the tint also stays strong as long as it's there.

It's not a unique formula by any means but I like it. 
Here is the whole Lovetulle gloss display. I would mind the peachy one either but it was a bit light for my liking. 
More bonus spy cam: Calypso concealer
Sana HoneyShca skincare. I bought the gel essence (the one with pump bottle) last year (oops) I need to start using it. Maybe I will pick up the lip gel next time I am there. Yesterday I tried to go there for snacks but I got there after their 8 o'clock closing time. 
Sana Hongo Nameraka soy cleanser (makeup removal and regular cleansing foam). I actually really like their foaming wash...I stuck with Shiseido because it's cheaper per application.Maybe I will get one once I finish my three Shiseido backups (would take two years, probably).
Zubolabo morning cleanser (facewash, toner and mild exfoliator with AHA in one) so you have more time to sleep or put on makeup and such...So this anime OL wakes up at 8 (she must not have a train to catch)?
While New Kam Man is 90% Japanese skincare (oh I found out that their Japanese cosmetics are 15% off til Jan 15th!), they do carry some Korean items with questionable design...
Lastly, here is the main reason I visit Chinatown so frequently: All the cheap veggies (that I can't find in my  basic supermarket) and fruit. This pictures is a few weeks old but when I went yesterday, the cherries were 4 dollars for 3 pounds. I ended up with 6 pounds...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I am catching on sleep today and hopefully will catch on some glamour shots tomorrow. 


  1. Oh man...there are times I wished hubby and I were still in Jersey, to be able to hop on the train to Chinatown for goodies like the JP cosmetics, food, fruits. Actually, some of the best Sichuan food and dimsum I've ever had were right there in Jersey!

    1. You are also missing the aggressive drivers (or a-holes in general) and high rent/cost of living... But yeah, the Chinatown (and proximity to the city) is totally worth it.

    2. You're right. All that nastiness I don't miss at all.


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