Saturday, November 26, 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolor and Blush Collection

More Revlon goodies spotted at Rite Aid
 New lipstick range (maybe to replace the old Ultra HD line) called Ultra HD Gel Lip Color
 HD Sand, Dawn, Desert, Arabica, Pink Cloud, Sunset
 Tropical, Garden, Coral, Rhubarb
 Lava, Adobe, Vineyard, Blossom and Twilight. I haven't gotten any of those Ultra HD lipstick (because nothing was new) so I guess I will be skipping these as well, for the same reason.
 Cute display of Blush Collection
 Instablush Blush Sticks (which is quite pricy at 14 dollars) - I think I will just play with my beloved (and ancient) NYC blushable creme stick.
 More powder blush - I actually like most of the colors here (but I guess since I already have a bunch of Milani and other drugstore ones, these aren't must-have either).


  1. The HD ultra lipsticks had terrible packaging. It would smear everywhere because the bullet doesn't completely wind down. Never liked the colours, everything too bright, almost clown like. I've moved on to Dior addict lipstick (seriously the best, I've stopped using everything else). These new ones look more user friendly though. But I remember years ago, like in the late 90's, Revlon used to sell lipsticks in the exact same style packaging...maybe they had a look at their archives and decided to bring it back. I do however like Revlon powder blushes. I bought all the shades they had when they revamped it in 2014. Now it looks like they have revamped it again. They are sheer, but you can build it up. I'm definitely going to buy them when they come out. I'm a blush whore lolz.

    I've um, cough, finally found my HG Teint idole ultra foundation and the la base pro primer. Stopped using everything else now. The search is over. When set with powder, this survives anything.

  2. Yeah, revlon super lustrous was on sale for three bucks this past weekend at my drugstore, I didn't get anything knowing I won't use it anyway.look at this Lipstick snob I am turning into...

    One of these days I need to swatch all the Dior Addict lipsticks. I don't want to loosen another floodgate since Dior is quite accessible...

    It's great to hear to found your HG! I think I tried to get into BB cream, even those are kind of cakey...


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