Thursday, November 24, 2016

Revlon Kiss Balm and Colorstay Creme Eyeshadow

I have been dissing Revlon since late 2014 (each subsequent release just kept getting worse) but maybe I need to stop for a while? Just look at the cute display!
Revlon Kiss Balm - Sheer balm with SPF 20 and lasting hydration. 
Juicy Peach, Tropical Coconut
Sweet Cherry and Fresh Strawberry. I suppose there must be a blackberry shade but it's sold out.

While the collection is cute but tinted balm crayon is done to death so nothing is must have(to be). 

Now to something I am interested in: Eye makeup!

 By the way, I have no clue what is with that kid clothes (it's not a kid, right?) hanging around at Harmon
Colorstay Brow Pencils
2 in 1 Angled Eyeliner...Now something that got me pretty interested, the shadow pots!
 Caramel, Espresso, Chocolate (there is a nude one that's sold out, consider there are three displays in store)
 Praline, Pistachio, Black Currant (Being a fanatic of dirty purple, I had to get it right then and there).With a coupon, I paid 6 bucks for it. I guess it's probably around 10 in drugstore. 
Cherry Blossom, Vanilla, Licorice and Earl Grey. None of the shade is special (in fact, I can find a Maybelline Color Tattoo analog for all except Pistachio) but the formula seems better. I have tried Black Currant, the formula is very smooth, even (each layer is thin and decently pigmented) and easier to grab than the Color Tattoo. Now I want to grab all the neutral shades since my Color Tattoo are drying out...


  1. Ooh, the shadow pots are good? My color tattoo is dry too, so I don't like using it that much.

    1. Black currant has a formula like the better one of the color tattoo(can't say for the rest) , almost the same consistency as mac paint pot.

      I found that the easiest way of dealing with dried out color tattoo is(not deal with them altogether) just switch to loreal least those never dry. I am still keeping mine though, for sentinental reasons...

    2. Makes sense - I should use my infallible more...


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