Saturday, October 08, 2016

Shiseido Perfect Rouge in Bubblegum

Gloomy Saturday calls for more bright lippies! 
Shiseido Perfect Rouge is a very solid range of lipstick with sleek tubes, very smooth formula and a color range that fail to raise my pulse. They are either too neutral (nothing wrong with that) or just clashes badly with my skintone. I suppose that's because the whole range is designed for their international customers. 

At 25 dollars a piece, the quality of perfect rouge is on par with western brands in the high 30s price range, I went ahead getting another shade for spring and summer. I did so after seeing it being featured by a Korean blogger. Now it seems like a poor choice as their swatches tend to  be off after a series of photographic enhancements. 
The shade I picked up is PK-417 Bubblegum. The color is a medium hot coral pink with delicate mist of golden shimmer through out the lipstick.
I like that Tokyo Ginza Shiseido at the base. The lipstick has a smooth and somewhat slippy formula that doesn't travel outside of my mouth. It's not full on but level of pigments is very high for a lipstick this smooth and comfortable.
On the mouth, Shiseido Bubblegum has a white base that combined with the bright color that usually goes off with my lip coloring (reddish when hot and purple when cold) and of course it did. The pigmented but not completely opaque formula just turned unsually bright and the white base floats on top. 

It's not utterly garish and it does enhance my tan (good for some but bad for me since my face is darker than my neck). The color just doesn't brighten my face or look flattering for me to want to put it on. I think I will Just stick to their boring basics for now. 


  1. Formula-wise I like Shiseido lipsticks, and the packaging is really solid!
    Guess it's worth testing the color at the counter

    1. Actually I never swatch lipstick on my mouth (I guess eyeshadow is less gross) so I woundn't know this would turn so garish. Anyway I got a neutral rose (Blush) and let's see how that goes!

    2. Hope this one works better!

  2. It's a pretty color, though I see what you mean with white-based. It does appear a tad milky.

    1. I am OK with milky (softer white base) since my lips get rather red, I think this is more of a paint-like white which I find really pepto-bismol...But their sheer/clear based ones are fine so I will go with those next time.


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