Monday, October 03, 2016

Revlon Matte Lip Color, Disney Villain, Ardell Pro Brow and WunderBrow

 Another weekend collective spying from Duane Reade, Rite Aid and Harmon
Revlon's High Definition Matte Color now has several new shades in the range 
HD Embrance, Forever, Kisses, Romance and Infatuation
Gift Sets for Holiday (I hate it when summer is just over and they are already on holiday mode...I still want to wear my sundresses okay?)
 Vaseline Lip Therapy holiday tins
Rimmel Killer Lips (nothing new I suppose)
Disney Villain makeup bags
Ardell has several brow products on their permanent line up
 Some close up of the Essence Autumn Masquerade. I would be interested if they sell the two blush color individually ( got no time for contouring/highlighting)
 Forbidden Volume mascara and dark lipsticks
 A new brand at Harmon - WunderBrow brow color. I kind of like how how they look actually.

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