Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fresh Tinted Lip Treatment in Sugar Coral

Lip balm season is here, aka the time when the corners of my mouth are taking turn playing joker. It's time for me to dump another lippie review. So far, I have tried most of the Fresh Tinted lip treatment (in deluxe minis) but one shade was missing. 

I wasn't going to buy another set from this holiday (and end up with back ups of five other shades) so I just went ahead and got a full sized one.
Sugar Coral is a somewhat muted orange red. The finish is semi clear but pigmentation is strong. There is a bit of brown, which balance out the purple in my lips (that makes clear red super bright). It's still a face brightening color that's not too overwhelming.
 Sugar Coral is free of shimmer or glitter so it wears like a moisturizing thick gel, just like Rose Extreme, another full size I almost finished last year(there is a bit left but it requires some digging).  

This will probably be the last full sized Fresh Tinted lip treatement I buy (unless they bring back Rose Extreme). Minis are just more fun. 


  1. Oh yes, yes, yes, this has my name written all over it :-)

  2. I have this! But it's so pigmented that I can't wear it like a lip balm or risk looking like a clown!

  3. Ooh, looks really pretty! I need to use up my minis before I can buy more. The minis are definitely more fun!

  4. @Melissa
    It will look great with your golden skin!

    Right now it look reddish persimmon on me (while cherry make me look like clown) but I don't know what will happen when winter comes and circulation drops... I actually like these a lot just as lip balm.

    I actually made some good use on my minis (especially the shade rose) but those break much more easily with the thinner me excuses to buy more.

  5. I bought this a while ago but decided to return it bc it seems a bit too red to me, maybe I'll try another color ha

    1. The rose, honey and petal are all quite neutral and muted but you might find them boring...


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