Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Essence Liquid Lip Color in Show Off!

No, I am not shouting with unconstrained excitement. The name of the gloss just comes with a freebie exclamation mark (I am not that stoked about this gloss actually).  Being 3.50 dollars a piece, it didn't induce any painful internal struggle when I picked up another Essence Lip Color. I miss the time when I get all excited seeing a brand new Essence display popping up at the stores...
Another shot of the tube, it kind of looks like Maybelline Color Elixir but with more plastic.

Show Off next to Make a Statement (which I reviewed not too long ago) 
The formula is tacky (which does a great job preventing evaporation and dampening the lips overtime) but not really gunky. Show Off is a bright coral that (looks great on picture but) looks quite neon in real life. It's a little picky on my skin condition that it enhances and sallowness and flaky-skin days...I like the color but find it hard to wear with fall/winter clothes or at work...

Hey, at least it's less than four bucks.

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