Sunday, October 23, 2016

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge in RD-214

Yup, I went on eBay and hunted down a previous limited release of  Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge. In my defense, it was only marked up by a few bucks (I will take it as international postage) and this formula is totally worth that extra effort. Now I just have to look pass this gold plastic tube.
RD 214 is a limited release (from summer 2015 I am guessing) so the cap and belt are in deeper pink than the permanent ones. The plastic tube is shiny and highly scratchable but I don't expect much from mid-range drugstore brand. 
RD-214 is a clear red that looks like a clear jelly. Once the top layer is warmed up, you can still the tiniest bits of glimmer (which can't be felt or seen on lips) that adds onto the juicy depth. There is no scent, unlike the summer 2016 releases. 
Revlon Lip Butter in Wild Watermelon (I wore it yesterday and was reminded of the good old days when I loved Revlon lippies and stalked their releases feverishly. It seems that they discontinued this shade as well?) with Coffret D'Or RD 214 and PK 305. To me, the warmth in RD-214 is  punchy coral red undertone (not an yellow/orange or brown based one) and it's so juicy and bright. It's actually not super warm even next to the blue-leaning PK 305.
Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge (worn on a very warm and humid day). It's a glossy and mousturizing formula but not a super thick one. It got that close and thin fit that gradually fades into balmy stain (so this shade has the same formula as PK-305).
Another swatch picture taken on a dryer day. 


  1. LOVE this color and has a backup of it!!!

    1. I would get one as well if it weren't for the mark up....Oh but I got one for pk305 though. I like the smell and pink tube!


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