Sunday, October 09, 2016

Almay The Complete Look Palette, Revlon Mascara Wardrobe, NYX Lip Lingerie and Body Wash

Collective spy cam from Rite Aid - Almay The Complete Look Eyes Lips and Cheeks Palette. If you think they look a little familiar 

Here is the ones from Revlon (Eyes, Cheeks + Lips...Hey in different order). 
Revlon Mascara Wardrobe duo sets
 (This one is from Harmon) NYX lip lingerie. I do like most of the colors but am hesitant to try the matte...
 Disney Villains cosmetics bag (this display is complete, unlike the one I posted a few days back)

 EOS lip balm holiday set
 Essie Gel Setter 3D Pop Tints
 Lip Smacker Marvel lip balm
 I was picking up some body scrubs and saw these, they look kind of new? (I don't keep track since I use the soaps from TJ/Marshalls most of the time)
 Olay Fresh Outlast and one with essential oils
Softsoap Fresh and Glow, Luminous Oil 
Spongebob Bubble bath with bathtub crayonbs and Bathtub Squirters? 
 Olay Antiaging bodywash, Dial Miracle Oil and Soothing Care
Zest shower gel and body smoothies (scrubs)


  1. Those Revlon palettes cost a whopping $34.95 in Australia! I dropped one of the testers when I was looking at them and straight away the eye shadow crumbled into pieces. Revlon isn't that popular anymore I feel, a lot of the young ones are more into the hip/trendy brands they see in youtube etc. I used to think Revlon made good lipsticks but then when you branch out to more expensive brands like mac, Dior etc, I realise there's even better quality out there.

  2. I think their old stuff still have relatively good quality. It's just that they donated a good chunk to almay and no longer have the brainpower to come up with anything new (unless you count that stupid love is on brand slogan)to keep old fan interested. I bought a new super lustrous shine lipstick in peach parfait (one of the older pupular lip butter now passed to almay)and yeah it's a nice color in the wearable formula but who cares when you pull that old trick from four years ago...

    I probably won't get any of their lippie any time soon but will wonder if they end up hiring any capable person in the future.


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