Monday, September 26, 2016

Simple Skincare, Covergirl Mini, EOS Shimmer Balm, Kiss Nail and More

Some weekend spying from mostly CVS.
Simple Skincare with Micellar water, oil and moisturizer (The model is so pretty...)
I need to figure out how much these minis are because I never finish a mascara within three months. More like I use it for 10 times so I keep it for a year...
EOS is branching out with shimmer lip balm sphere
Kiss A Touch of Romance nail color (It doesn't even match the promo image)
 NIP + FAB glycolic brightening/exfoliating skincare
A bunch of top coats for manicure (the love them is getting a little old, eh) The hot summer shades are not there...
Sally Hansen Insta Dri Halloween Color

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  1. Omg the minis are so cute! I never finish a mascara either, they usually sit there and dry out


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