Monday, September 12, 2016

Revlon Electric Passion Fall 2016 Color Collection

Spotted at Harmon - Revlon's seasonal collection (that I no longer look forward to) is here. It's called Electric Passions with several new items.

Colorstay Eyeliner in Black Violet and Teal.

Photoready Eye Art - Which I heard creases like mad?

Two nail colors and Color Stay Ultimate Suede lipsticks.  The blush in the center is a muted peachy rose called Tickled Pink.


  1. Wow those prices are quite expensive and i'm not even from America! I feel like every drugstore brand across the board has increased their prices.

    1. I thought it's always the same price for their lipsticks and blushers (it has been around 8-10 for the lippies and 5-6 for nail polish and low teen for the face products since 2006 or so). It's just back in Texas I could use the 3 dollar off coupon on the already low HEB (Texas grocery store) and now I can't...And those price tags are from Manhattan...that adds a few dimes as well.

  2. And what's up with their models lately? No offence, but Revlon used to only hire prestige A list celebrities to be their spokesperson, now it's someone random we don't know. I feel like Revlon has really cheapened out to save costs which doesn't help them at all.


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