Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer in Stoked

Happy first week of fall! I am actually kind of sad about the end of summer (despite the record heat we have been getting here) but let's cling on to it a little (mentally, since the weather is dreary already) more with some bright lipsticks. Summer never ends in my lipstick drawer.

Lipstick Queen to me, had always been this high quality (at this price point) lipstick brand with boring/standard color selection. Endless Summer is this surf inspired line that's all bright and happy. When I got Aloha last year, I knew I would get another one (or two) shades from the range. So I did, and here is Stoke

Stoke is a coral (looks pinkish in the picture but as I am wearing it right now, it looks quite orangey. Maybe it's the lighting?)
I have reviewed the formula last year but to recap it quickly. It sits like a glossy balm packing a decent amount of pigment (just like Revlon's lip butter but with less greasy finish). There is no scent added but the lipstick itself has a small that's weak and unoffensive.
Stoked is a happy color but I haven't been reaching for it that often this summer. First it's the frosted (somewhat gummy) packaging that felt icky to hold (I do have the hands of salamander) and this summer, instead of reaching for orange-coral, I have been crazy about brighter punchy pink instead. Hey, that is totally branching out. 

Overall: It's rather nice formula that's well worth the low-20 to teen (the brand goes on sale on Amazon frequently) price tag. I just need to put down all the Kanebo and give these some love. 


  1. Love both Aloha and Stoked and I'm sad Lipstick Queen did away with the range :( I think it looks more red than orange on you actually!

    1. My lips are red during summer so that's how most sheer lipsticks pull. Then during winter things are either magenta or orange...I think the one from lipstick queen I would really miss is jean queen (doesn't look magenta during summer!) other have easily dupable color and texture (well I don't reach for them because of the gummy tubes anyway).


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