Monday, September 26, 2016

Essence Liquid Lip Color in Make a Statement

Over the past two years, I am slowly becoming a lipstick snob (well, you can't blame me when the American drugstore offering had been this lackluster). I occasionally pick up a few cheaper toys here and there but the one I reach for the most are pricier one with pretty shiny tubes. In my defense, if I spend big buck, I need to make sure I use them. Anyway, I do come across easy to wear drugstore items that are grown-up enough for the working environment and I am about to show you one. 
Essence Liquid Lip Color is kind of new (in town) for me since the little display just showed up at Harmon a month or two ago. During my first visit, I picked up three little toys: a crayon eye color ( yes, in taupe), a sharpener (if I only use crayon enough to need sharpening) and this. There are several shades available, I went with the the one seems most wearable bold.
 06 Make a Statement is a deep beige coral rose with intense pigmentation and no shimmer. The color is in the same family as Sally Hansen lip crayon Spirited Spice (which is prettier and not spicy)
The formula is viscous and tacky but nothing I can't handle. A thicker formula means that it stays better and is able to smooth over dry flakes as it's on (it's not exactly a moisturizing formula). I would call it a summer lip color mainly because hair will stick allover your mouth on a windy day.
On the lips Make a Statement brightens up almost to a pink coral (but there is some neutral quality a about it). I find it rather flattering and the formula is more than decent for the price (personally I prefer the L'Oreal liquid lip color as those are more watery/jelly). I like it enough to pick up another shade in the range...Which turned way to right (not wearable) for me.

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