Friday, September 30, 2016

Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm in Lilac

The Macy's next to Penn Station is a dangerous place (which I try to avoid nowadays). With the numerous counters closely arranged and friendly SAs, it's easy to end up with some expensives toys I didn't even plan buy. 
 Dior Lip Glow Color Reviver Balm in Lilac is a limited release from Spring 2016. The original lip glow is very well loved (and I suppose I have all the time to get/wait on it) so I have been curious to try the formula. I always had an aversion toward color changing lip products, mainly because all of them (oh wait, all from Korean brands) turn magenta on me. Anyway, I trusted that at least the French fashion house to keep it classy (For 33 bucks it better makes me look classy). 
Dior Lilac Lip Glow has a semi hard stick (kind of like the Peripera Butter Pang) that doesn't leave a thick layer of product each swipe. There is a mild vanilla scent, under an unfortunately quite prominent Playdoh base note. 
Packaging is plasticky but pretty. Closure is secure and tube doesn't attract fingerprints or oil. Nice but I am alright with it
Dior Lilac Lip Glow has light pigmentation (lilac pink tint) that shows up well,leaving an understated glossy finish. Lucikly that it doesn't turn magenta even as it darkens overtime. I found the thick (non-slippery) formula calming and it stays very well on the lips even with drinking.

I suppose it's a decent balm (and overall not any pricier than Fresh as each stick yields more applications). I think it's ok for what it does and I am glad I didn't pick up a back up at the heat of the moment. When I have 33 bucks to spare on lipstick, I am probably more likely drop it on Lunasol instead.

Speaking of back up, I ended up buying another Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge in Berry Pink while buying other stuff, it smells amazing and non-Playdoh. It was 24 bucks too...


  1. That definitely looks like a lip balm. Yikes, $30!

    1. I am making an active attempt to use it since it's so pricey!I need to remind myself to stop buying western high end lippies since I am just not feeling them...

  2. I am yet to buy a Dior Lipglow. I'm too busy enjoy their other lipsticks- Dior Addict Lipstick and Dior Rouge Lipstick. I love the Addict lipsticks, probably my favourite lipsticks ever. I haven't gone back to drugstore. Overall, Dior is my favourite makeup brand.

    1. I need to try Dior Addict lipstick someday, I got another milky tint and love it a lot! Right now I just hauled a bunch of Lunasol and Jill Stuart since I love their packaging so much (wait, actually my favorite packaging is suqqu but I am still debating if I should spend near 50 for one lipstick...

  3. I have the coral one and I have to remind myself to use it. Not only is it not coral, it's not that moisturizing. At times I'll use it for the SPF 10. Lolll but luckily I got it for like $25 at the Canada Duty Free store


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