Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge in Blossom and Berry Pink

It's all Dalenna's fault. She has been raving about and hoarding these Coffret D'Or Premium Stay Rouge for quite some time already, I held my head high because I am usually very particular about my lipstick (packaging) and wasn't a big fan of the golden metal-plastic tubes. Anyway, I finally decided to jump in since I generally like Kanebo lipsticks.

For Summer 2016 - Coffret D'Or Releases 8 new shades of Premium Stay Rouge. Four of them are scented and came with these cute limited edition pink tubes! I would totally cave just for the packaging. These are light-weight but not necessarily flimsy. Admittedly, the pricier Lunasol (actual metal) and Jill Stuart (brushed metal on plastic) are both more resistant to scratches than these. I guess that's why I don't mind paying a few extra bucks for those brand either.

The interior of the lipstick casing and the bullet are more or less the same as Lunasol and Suqqu. Actually, I thought quality-wise, the Premium Stay Rouge is on the same level as the two Suqqu Creamy Glow Moist I own (both feel like lipstick in the 25-28 dollar range). Maybe the ones I didn't try are amazing and actually worth the 5400 yen they charge?

Beside the pink tubes, these are all scented (I don't know how to describe since they are both non-plastic kind of synthetic). Both are kind of fruity floral that you find in those colorful fruit candy or jelly. PK-305 (on the right) smells slightly crisper. They are not very in-your-face and can only be sniffed during application.

The two color I picked up are PK-304 Blossom Pink and PK-305 Berry Pink
Blossom Pink is a light (not really pasty) blue pink with very soft shimmer that can't be felt.
Blossom Pink turns into a milky blue pink that I (don't know why the heck I got it) rarely buy and wear. Normally I find this kind of color garish (OK, it is and totally makes me look baked) but I will forgive it since it smells delicious, applies very smoothly, evenly and it's comfortable enough to be a lip balm. With my cooler winter coloring this might become a little easier to handle or maybe I should just branch out and learn to appreciate dolly pinks.

PK-305 Berry Pink, in the other hand, is love in a tube. It's a sheer blue red (looks reddish pink on) without shimmer at first. Once the lipstick is worn for a few time and has its top melted off a little, you can see the very tiny clear flake-like blue fuchsia sparkles. The presence of those sparkle only adds on the gloss and dimension without screaming glitter mouth.
PK-305 also has a juicier and gel-like glide compared to PK-304 (which has a slightly creamier drag). The color stays on for two hours at least and gradually dries into a softer stain. It feels balmy even after the initial hydration wears out.

I wanted a back up but I had to remind myself I tend to collect too many sheer red. Anyway, it's a great pink-red tint and the sheer formula is much better than the thinner YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy, about on par with Lipstick Queen (the color is just so much more exciting). 

Anyway, I do love them (not so much for the pale pink) and cannot wait to get their Fall 2016 limited colors (limited edition tubes as well). 


  1. Woot! Glad to hear you like the formula, and one of the 2 colors at least! I totally forgot about the fall LE colors and now that you mentioned them, I'll stop by to swatch them tomorrow :D

    1. Haha, I did mention that as a passive agressive reminder for you. Actually I wasn't sure about the six LE shades, first three are too beige and last three are too autumal (I kind of wear summer shades year round myself). But I like the brown belt with the gold tube.

    2. I like the brown accent on the packaging too! And actually I wouldn't trust the color buttons they show online at all--totally inaccurate! For example, the orange one (OR-117 I think...) is totally pinky coral on Cosme, but even that may be inaccurate as well. Will have to see and swatch in person!

  2. I think that dolly pink also looks great on you. But I understand what you mean. I usually love these pastel milky pink but find it hard to wear if I'm not wearing foundation (and I know you don't wear any).
    The formula sounds great and something you could easily use up without trying too hard. :)

    1. Yeah, that shade looks a bit weird with my endless supply of acne scars (I kept picking). Or maybe it's a habit that I don't wear shades lighter than my own lip color.


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