Thursday, September 08, 2016

Coffret D'Or 3D Glossy Eyes in Nudy Brown

Coffret D'Or is a mid-range drugstore brand from Kanebo, with a feel/target customer similar to Shiseido Maquillage, Sofina Aube and Kose Esprique. I have known the brands for a long while (they pick very popular actresses as their spoke models) but haven't been tempted. That's because I could spend a few more bucks and just go for Lunasol (the packaging and color-scheme of which are much more appealing to me anyway). 

A while back, I managed to find their 3D Glossy Eyes on eBay (seller is Vooboodoo) for 13 bucks so I decided to play with it a little. 
The packaging is bland and simple, with a clear case and two applicators (that are more than serviceable). You need to buy the case separately if you want your little mirrored compact but I suppose it also gives people the option to opt out the bulk altogether. 
a. Highlight Color - Soft off-white shimner 
b.Medium Color - Light medium nut beige 
c.Shadow Color - Deep black brown with hints of glimmer
d. 3D Gloss Coat - A light peach that shows up as a clear gloss. It's my favorite pan but too bad the size is small.
The eyeshadow have pan that is easy to pick up without too must flyaway. There are subtle multi-colored shimmer on all pans but texture-wise there isn't that much variance. It's mostly satin-shimmery with the shadow slightly more matte than the rest, the glossy top coat is pretty and clear but it doesn't make that big of a difference while layered on top of the rest. 
Swatch of highlight, gloss coat, medium and shadow color 
Coffret D'Or 3D Glossy Eyes Nudy Brown - All shades layered together in the typical gradation way
Overall: It's easy to wear and somewhat flattering (I suppose). I still think the effect is a little too subtle for me to bother putting it on. 


  1. I do like the CD's Glossy Eyes though didn't bring them with me so haven't been wearing any. Will be happy to play with them again when I go home!

    1. This one isn't that glossy but maybe my whole face was so sweaty that I couldnt see its glow? Will try again next week when it's cooler...

  2. I feel like these 4 colors palettes all look the same, how do you tell the difference???

    1. On the eyes those palettes don't look that different but evoke different feels with the diffrent texture, finishes and subtle tone....Some bronze brown are meh (like this) but other ones make my eyes brighter or the skin more even textured...It's kind of like pampering skincare that only the wearer notices. Lipsticks have much bigger impacts I suppose.


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