Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NYX Brushes, Face Primers and Ombre Lips

Some new NYX products spotted at Harmon. First there is a bunch of new brushes.
Hydra Touch brightener, primer, illuminating primer, primer spray
Ombre Lips Duo (which shows an opposite approach to the Korean styled ombre)
Illuminator for face and body. The first two actually look nice as blush.


  1. Is NYX cosmetics good? We only just started getting more distribution of NYX down here in Australia. Seems really popular with the young girls. I was looking at the package and most of them are made in china. Call me snobby but i never seem comfortable with makeup made in china...

    1. Their lip products and blushers have pretty high quality and some of the newer shades have very interesting (not like wacky, but complex enough that you can see it from every drugstore brands). Currently I am thinking about more of their butter lip gloss (kind of like the old Revlon) and I will be getting some of their liquid eyeliner...I hope those are good since 7 bucks a piece isn't cheap.


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