Thursday, August 11, 2016

Milani Power Lips Moisturizing Gloss Stain

Warning: Shoddy pictures ahead, I used them before taking pictures (so I didn't try very hard during the actual glamour shot).
Milani Power Lips was added to their line up maybe two or three years ago, I assume they are discontinued as I found them in Marshall. The first round of appearance was a few months back (when I didn't get them thinking 3 dollars is still quite a bit for some used once toys). When a smaller selection made it to Marshall again (this time for $1.99) I grabbed them without a second thought. 
The Power Lips Gloss Stain has the twist up mechanism with gloss stain dispensed through a brush applicator. The brush tip is pointed and stiffer than glosses from Stila and Elf. It's quite useful for precise application and still manages to be easy and comfortable to use.
The gloss stain is creamy, thick but not tacky. It applies comfortable on the lips and coats evenly on the lips. Unlike some liquid stain (I guess the glossy stain from L'Oreal and LA Girl), the creamy coat feels very quenching and wears smoother as times goes. 
Pink Lemonade is (nothing like the name) a very garish punchy red that made me look like I had a baby for lunch. It's no way wearable on me but it leaves an intense stain that's surprisingly even and long-wearing (last for 12 hours on me). I didn't snapped a picture but it's actually quite pretty. 
Macaron is a mauve that's quite wearable. The smooth and even formula keeps it from looking old-lady but this shade doesn't leave any stain behind. Overall. I am impressed and actually wish I picked up more orangey shades when they were three bucks...(I guess I don't love them enough to eBay them but still, that's pretty impressive for drugstore lip product already). 


  1. I gave these away as souvenirs - guess I should have kept a few for myself! Ah well.

    1. I am sure your recipient was pleasantly surprised. These are great summer bag toss, I think I will wear the red as stain while my tan is still hanging around.

  2. Are these new or discontinued?? I haven't seen them at all. The applicator doesn't seem like my thing but 12 hours is so good


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