Thursday, August 04, 2016

Majolica Majorca Majolook Illuminator Eyeshadow GY810 Romantic Night

Despite Majolica Majorca's waning popularity in the Asian blogging world, it's a brand that I make sure to buy from everytime a limited edition is released. What can I say, I love their cutie princess packaging and their eyeshadow tend to be wearable for me.

For Autumn Winter 2015. Majolica Majorca (I call it MJ) released a purple theme collection that screams my name. Naturally, I picked up the only eyeshadow palette from the collection. 
MJ Majolook Illuminator in GY-810 Romantic Night is a silvery purple palette with peachy highlight and a blurple liner. 

The starry cream pan is useless as always. I do ended up deflowering the prints since the powder shadow do land on the cream pan and messes it up sooner or later. The pinkish nude beige isn't particularly thick. It creates a semi-slippy smooth base but can be counterproductive on oilier lids.

Peachy beige is the highlighter and blending shade. The lid shade is a medium silvery purple with soft gold sheen infused. It's subtle and very interesting (only under certain lighting).

The blurple liner is not too pigmented but effective enough adding depth. You can see deeper navy glimmer infused in the shade but overall it's neither intense or dramatic.

All three shades has a soft texture with satiny finish so they are kind of like the Shiseido luminizing eyeshadow/ a bit boring (I prefer a semi clear metallic finish).
Right now the color combos seems luminizing but I suppose in cooler days it would look more defining with lighter skintone.
Overall: If you love dirty purple (check) and consider yourself a big fan of MJ's aesthetics (check), Romantic Night is worth collecting. The palette itself isn't a must-have (or one that I have backups for) but I can't think of any similar palettes that's better than this.  


  1. Oooh I like that gold-ish purple, but then the palette has a cream base which will probably melt right off of me :(

    1. All the Illuminators are useless but I find the powder pans in these better (easier to blend and smoother) than the jewelling eyes...


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