Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Essie New Neon 2016 Collection and L'Oreal Clay Mask

More sightings from Duane Reade
 Essie new neon 2016 collection
 The Fuchsia of Art, In It to Wyn It, Mark on Miami, Stencil Me In (the bottles in the messy display don't match the names...)
 Prime and Pop, Off the Wall (I guess this is the white one?) Gallery Gal
 L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask (I would go crazy over this if I still live in Texas)
 These are probably not new new but the Colour Riche eyeshadow here looks a little more muted (maybe they just picked the muted colors to arrange the display). 
(This one is from TJ maxx) Random China made blotting paper (so 2.99 actually sounds kind of expensive) with Barbie Hsu's face on it. It seems that they further expanded their Asian beauty items (before they had Shiseido and randome K-beauty skincare/mask now on to beauty products found in supermarkets in China). 
These are from Urban Outfitters - I think I have developed a skill spotting Japanese cups/bowl from feet away...
(Now it's random photo dump time) - Purple flowers is one of my favorite things about summer. Too bad I missed out all the wisteria from May though...
Anyway,..While enjoying the warm/hot weather, I am still quite excited about all the upcoming concert (the Bruckner won't come until late January of next year but I already bought my ticket for Berlin Philharmonic this fall/I missed out their Beethoven cycle last year and had been regretting ever since). 

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