Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Essence Cosmetics at Harmon

It has been a while since I last saw an Essence display (I don't drive so it's a lot of effort getting to an ULTA in Jersey. I don't think I am missing out much though) but two weeks ago I saw a brand new display in Harmon! It seems that the brand underwent a lot of changes!
Camouflage cream concealer and concealer stick (I still have mine around)
Pure Nude concealer cream and crayons
All the eye makeup
The Velvet Eyeshadow Singles

All About Eyeshadow
Mattifying Compact Powder and Kabuki Brush
2in1 lipstick.
Prettifying lip oil
Lipliner and Liquid Lipstick (I bought one and like it quite a bit)
Silky touch and Mosaic Blush
How to Make Nude Eyes (There are other colors as well, sold out)
Eyeshadow and Liner (got the taupe one,yet to try)
I Love Trend Nail Color
Beauty Balm Lip Gloss. According to a spammy email from Essence There will be new products out this summer so I will check the store in a few days.

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