Sunday, August 07, 2016

Dior Addict Milky Tint in Milky Peach

Dior Addict fuild sticks (mainly the packaging) has been on my radar ever since Kate the Driveller praised them on her blog two years ago. I never pulled the trigger as I am not fan of opaque liquid lipsticks. This summer, Dior released four Milky Tints which have the same tubes as the Fuild Sticks. Time to reach for wallet again.

I wanted the punchy pink (Milky Pop) at first but saw the last remaining Milky Peach on the shelf so... Don't worry, I already went back for Milky Pop.
So the tube has a cavity that's shaped like a lipstick. I noticed from some promo images and testers from Macy's that there is white print of "Milky Tint" on the tubes, but mine (from Sephora) is bland front and back ...Maybe it's just the testers that have it? I feel a little cheated out...
The applicator is flabby sponge with a good  size, it soaks up a good amount of product without need for redip. 
NYX (no it wasn't strawberry) Cherry Cheesecake(I got the  name wrong all these months, including in my old review) , Almay Apricot Pucker, Revlon Coral Reef (don't get grossed out, this is the second tube I opened last year). 

Dior Milky Peach is slightly pinker than nyx and Almay (while Revlon is creamy cantaloupe), combined with a watery formula and my redder lip color (during summer), Dior is juiciest and most punchy of the four. All four shades are equally pretty but if I have to pick, I would kick out Revlon (because it was long discontinued, duh) and Almay (color tend to separate and it takes lot of redipping). 
Whenever I see Milky in cosmetic, I expect a lotiony and semi tacky formula with some opacity. Dior Milky Tint actually feels more like actual milk (if milk comes in coral): Just a wee thicker than water with a bit of cloudiness. The color floats on top of my lips a little but shouldn't be on people whose lip colors aren't as red. 

If you like lightweight watery texture. The Milky Tints is the way to go. The down side is that the glossy finish evaporates and/or  getsabsorbed  in no time on my mouth. It also feels like the formula would go bad sooner (of course I haven't had it for too long) so there is more incentives to use it up. 

Overall: It's a very juicy color for summer and a wonderful purse accessory. I suspect actual shelf live won't be too long so enjoy it while we can. 
One last glamour shot because summer! I think in a few weeks leaves will start to turn yellow again...


  1. Pretty! Too bad I stopped wearing glosses for a couple of years now... :(

    1. Glosses are still much easier to wear on me (maybe I just have too many crappy lipsticks). I haven't bought too many these past two years because a big lot of my collection went bad on 2014....Now I try to have a few and only buy stuff I really reach for often enough to justify the cost.


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