Sunday, July 17, 2016

Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in Woodstock and Revolver

Here are more finds from Nordstrom Racks (which means these are discontinued). I have swatched these Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Liner years ago and do like a lot of the shades. Being myself, I didn't (and don't) pay over 20 bucks for something that would only get used a handful of times (at most) during their lifespan.

 In a way, these are kind huge plastic costume jewelry that start to look weird after the 2nd time being worn so it's a little silly (with my budget) and expensive to pay that much for a fun item.
The Nordstrom Racks price was 7 or 8 bucks (and these went on clearance) so I walked home with two. A gunmetal called Revolver and a hot pink called Woodstock. The packaging on a lot of these liquid liner confuses me: Apparently the larger and slightly longer part is the handle (not the container)...I spilled some of Woodstock when I opended it upside down. 
The brushes (not pokey felt tip) is much more user-friendly. They are gentle on the lashline and much easier to control. I can get a thin and even line without redrawing over. The formula is watery(texture, not sheer when it comes to intensity) but lasts a long timer once set...I just need to make sure it's applied on a clean and dry surface).
Revolver is an interesting shade for definition. So far it doesn't go with any of my eyeshadow and I don't like it by itself (I don't like using dark liner shades). Woodstock, in the other hand, it's a knockout.
It goes well with bronzy neutrals (Here is Lunasol Vivid Clear in Bronze Brown Collection) and purply-taupe. It's a nice pop of color for summer when you don't want to do the turquoise clinche (hey, I like this as well). 
Plus, it's thin enough that it doesn't occupy the entire lid space when I open my eyes. To think of it, I still prefer Lunasol palettes sans liner. 

Anyway. I think these are worth the few bucks and I won't mind some deep navy and taupe if I can get them cheap. 


  1. I have this in a bright teal - definitely fun and a good product but I don't really use it much. A dark taupe or navy would be nice.

    1. Since it's urban decay, the taupe and navy would still have shiny finish (so only good for fun makeup). But I do like their color selection a lot.

  2. Replies
    1. I tried to hunt them down on ebay but at the end I just bought loreal infallible (they dont dry out and can be used as ultra fine liner anyway!).

  3. I love these! But I probably won't use it unless it's black. I have a purple one I've used like twice but that one's kinda sheer


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