Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Tarina Tarantino Lip Gloss in Vanity

Summer is here which means it's now time to catch up with products I got since last fall. The good thing about lipgloss blogging is that I never need to not use it before taking the acceptable glamor shot.
Tarina Tarantino was a plastic dolly-looking brand that was once available at Sephora. The quality is similar to an average one from drugstore (which means it's not something I pick up at normal retail). 

Back in fall while I was wandering around city before a concert(a good chunk of my makeup were obtained this way), I stopped by a TJ maxx (The one at 57th Street and 8th Ave has wonderful beauty section where you can find Sephora brands that are freshly discontinued/heavily discounted and sheet mask that are...at regular retail ) and I ended up with a cute new toy. I think it was around 5 bucks, which in retrospect wasn't that great of a deal anyway. 
The Gem Lip Gloss is a generic jelly gloss that's somewhat plumping and moisturizing (I suppose most lip gloss are). There is nothing remarkable with the formula, it feels like Wet n Wild with the lack of interesting nuance or texture. There is a candy watermelon scent which didn't get on my nerve.
Vanity looks like a punchy pink in the tube, it pulls clear fuchsia on me. Thw wear wasn't remarkable or bad. Overall it's kind of meh and I suppose I would be happy with it if it was 3 bucks.

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