Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stila Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in Terracotta Vinyl

I suppose Stila is either going through a revamp or major downsizing as I have seen a lot of their products at discount stores (the lateset sighting are the foundation and smudge stick pencil eyeliners/stuff I don't use at Marshall).

The Vinyl Lip Gloss was a find from Nordstrom Racks (where I also got several backups of my beloved Cherry Crush). They where 8 bucks a piece but I thought the color is trendy (I am a year on these kind of thing) and formula should be good given it's Stila. 
Terracotta Vinyl is brick brown that's gentler than L'Oreal Caramel Solo. The texture is thick tacky gel that smoothes out and hugs onto the lips. I can't say exactly how long wearing it is since I need the constant gulp of fluid anyway.

 There is enough red tone in it to make it everyday (instead of being a statement lip color). If this is how terracotta are like, I should look for more (Coffret D'Or upcoming fall lipsticks come to mind). 
From the Vinyl in the name, I didn't exepct the formula to be so understated (for a brick brown that is). While it's probably some call a fall color, it goes exceptionally well with summer tan...It has enough going on so I can spare the powder shadow (which are icky to apply with all that sweat and dew...Seriously what's with this summer?).

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