Thursday, July 07, 2016

Sekkisei Sun Protect Gel SPF 50 PA+++

Sekkisei is an herbal whitening/brightening line by Kose, the brand is most known for their medicated brightening toner (which is choke full of alcohol). Back in winter, I was over-exfoliated and had a bad case of uneven skintone and thinner skin. I needed some sun protection so I picked the newer Sun Protection Essence Gel and a powder cleanser. 

The Sun Protection Gel has an SPF of 50 and PA +++, all from chemical filters (ingredients list available from Ratzilla Cosme ) . I prefer physical or combination filter because not only they are more stable, physical tend to give a bit of coverage and white cast that evens out my face (with is more tanned than my neck). 

Sekkisei Sun Protection Gel has the a lightweight (thanks to alcohol) texture that leaves a bit of dew. It's perfect for colder months as it gives a boost of moisture. For the humid summer, it's a bit greasy for my face so I ended up using it on my legs. I do like how quickly it sinks in and a powdery fragrance. It's not something remarkable but the price isn't bad (25 dollars for 80 grams). Next time I might get the milk version since I need that bit of white cast.


  1. Glad you reviewed this--I was thinking of picking this up to try since I've been seeing it at the store. May be I'll pick it up later in the summer for use in the fall.


    1. I will keep all of my sunscreen purchase later on as well (beside I am well stocked), Who knows what would happen to them in the Hongkong heat.


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