Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Rimmel Special Edition Kate Lipsticks and Limited Edition Milani Amore Matte

More sightings from Harmon.
Lasting Finish Lipsticks by Kate. 
I am guessing only the rose gold tubed ones are special/limited edition. I might pick one up (knowing that I probably won't like the formula) because the tube is so darn cute.
Nude shades
More stackable balm from lip smacker
Milani Amore matte lip creme in limited shades
Their powder eyeliner is on clearance.


  1. Oh my, I wasn't expecting the new Kate lipsticks to show up in the US so quickly as they were just launched in the UK. Thanks for the info, now I gotta hunt them down! I have so many of these but most are on the verge of needing to be discarded unfortunately. The formula isn't the most comforting but I love how pigmented these are, plus the broad range of shades.

    1. Good luck finding them! The Harmon and Duane Reade usually have those collection out two or more weeks earlier than other stores and since the display is still full, I guess it's probably fresh out of oven.

  2. Are those milani amore lip cremes new or shades that are already available? thank you :)

    1. They might be limited shades that Harmon put out a second display of (stuff goes out fast in that store) since They don't look too different from older display. Sorry I didn't keep track of what shades was out.

  3. OMG definitely getting the new TsumTsum lip balms to add to my collection. Rn I just have Pooh and Minnie


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