Monday, July 11, 2016

Lunasol Stain Color Lips in EX-01 Cool Fuchsia

While most of the recent Lunasol Eyeshadow releases are more or less the same old variation on a theme (boring neutral recycled season after season). Their lippy department has really been really nailing it, grabbing both my attention and a firm hold of my bank account. The range of Stain Color Lips was first introduced in spring 2015 and limited shades have been released for the following seasonal collection. 
EX-01 Hot Fuchsia is one of the three limited shades from summer 2015 collection (there is a red and coral). I don't think you need to hunt them down, the permanent line is beautiful and overlapped enough. 

Again, this particular shade is bright but Lunasol makes it youthful and elegant at the same time.
I just love the way these Kanebo bullets look. That means I have to get something from Coffret D'Or ... Well, (the hiked up price on Ichibankao) Chicca is a no-go and Suqqu is overpriced.  
The copper bronze tube is a little chubbier than Suqqu but still quite streamlined.  It's handy and sleek enough that I don't mind having another two or three in my collection.
So, I tend to buy the same color in different finishes. The formula of the stain color lips feels creamy but not thick. A single swipe is intense without being gunky. While it's marketed as a matte lipstick, it's more of soft satin matte and wears like a nourishing cream formula without a grease or gloss ontop: It doesn't look dry, doesn't enhance my lip lines and appear paint-on. 
On hotter days, Lunasol Stain Color lips even has a tad bit of soft shine. After being wiped off, it leaves an even stain without sucking out all of the moisture. The color is wonderful for summer but the delicate finish makes it suitable for more conservative environments. 
Hot Fuchsia blotted. I suppose this lipstick isn't meant to be layered on (How I normally wear any lip product). Anyway, I love it and probably need one in orange/coral later on. So far it's the only type of matte I can wear comfortably (the comfort is both physically and mentally). 

I think I am starting a thing with Kanebo lipsticks already.


  1. Yay you posted about this lipstick, finally :) I actually like my Stain Color Lips too even though I don't like mattes. Will definitely pick up more--the LE red and coral you mentioned sounds super tempting!

    1. I like the coral one for sure(I guess red should be nice given the formula looks subtle). Now I am back to the glossy sheer train though.

    2. LOL! I find it hard to get off the glossy sheer train to begin with, because the formula is just so comfy and wearable, and without any fear of looking like a clown or accidental smudge or smear. But I'll pick up the coral and the red for sure!


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