Monday, July 18, 2016

Integrate Sweet Trick Eyes in BR-715

As I mentioned in my previous review, the Sweet Trick Eyes from Integrate has a somewhat sucky formula (when the brand is clearly capable of making some finelymilled shadow that's both pigmented and see-through).But the color are pretty and I was a sucker so I got three at once...
BR 715 is a metallic taupe trio with a cool (a bit of purple and a bit of pink). I love the shade combo and just wish it comes with a smoother formula.
The shades in the palettes from left to right.
A speckled wine brown, not too opaque but shows up providing the right amount of definition.

A purple silver taupe with pink sheen. A brightening and defining medium lid shade.

Pearly pink base that's meant for undereye. Since it's really muggy and sticky, I only use it on upper lid as base. The three shades combined into a soft, illuminating rose taupe definition. It's nice but texture still runs on the dry side.
The shadow swatches well on my damp (with greasy sunscreen and skin dew aka sweat/oil) arm. But a few weeks back when I used it, the shadow has the same sandy dry texture as BR - 314. 
BR715 under all that dew. When I am sweaty like this, I usually ditch eyeshadow alltogether. 
At least the colors show up much better (didn't matter, I wiped it away before heading outside). Since this doesn't look and feel as terrible, I might give them another try when it cools down a little. Maybe I will end up liking them when my skin isn't dry or sweaty?
The reason that I kept all three (similar ) reviews separate...I took a lot of colorful glamor shots with them (before they get scratched anyway).


  1. All your Asian eyeshadow palette posts make me want to go buy some, but I already have enough eyeshadow I never use :'(

    1. I collected a bunch of Maybelline colortattoo (love them but lot of them dried out) and Loreal infallible but the palettes from Majolica and Lunasol are most loved, they makes me feel pretty without looking like too much is going on. Integrate has some nice ones though even I don't like Sweet Trick and rainbow grade eyes.


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