Monday, June 27, 2016

YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy 07 Sweet Fig

YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy has been around for quite a few years already. It's not until recently when I started to pay attention to their whole line up.  It's nice to see a western brand being so dedicated to making the juicy-and-sheer when everybody else is heading the opaque and matte (Instagram-y) direction.

While I was killing time in Sephora(I hoarded a bunch of cheap concert ticket but didn't want to head home right away), I decided to get a shiny new toy. While like like the gaudy gold of original Rouge Volupte (hated the actual product though), the simpler silver tube without separate mirror seems ornate and sleek.
So I picked up a slightly warm sheer red( surprise) as I am pretty happy with my drugstore sheer brights(until they expire anyway given how drugstore brands rarely do sheer any more).
Sweet Fig 07 (on the right is Lipstick Queen Medieval) is a clear brownish red that appears healthy and neutral on the lips (normally true neutral red turns cherry on me). The color is a tad more neutral than Medieval while the sheen is more noticeable. 
The sheer candy imparts a slightly greasy sheen. It's one of those products that enhances and soothes when my lips are in decent condition. Otherwise it just sits on top without doing much. 

Quality wise, I think it's fair (feels a little better than Maybelline Baby Lips but not by a large margin). I prefer Lipstick Queen Medieval for similar effect but the YSL packaging is much more pleasant to use.  I guess that makes it kind of worth it? 

Anyway, I probably won't repurchase another shade in this range at retail of $37. 25 bucks would be more reasonable.


  1. Love the color, not so much the price :(

    1. I was mostly paying for the packaging...Anyway, the newer oil stick formula actually feels really really nice and I actually want a second tube of that.

    2. I'll wait for your review first haha :P

  2. I love the packaging of YSL lip products but I can't justify buying an expensive lipstick unless it's an uber unique color or a color I LOVE. Most expensive full size lipstick I've bought is Urban Decay 😅

    1. I wasn't shooting for unique colors( but highly wearable ones/ I guess that counts as color I love?) when I go for those brands. As long as they are reached for, it's all good.

      YSL tubes are so pretty I am happy with one or two (for some Lunasol I want several of them).


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