Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Majolica Majorca Majolook Illuminator Eyeshadow BR-788

So, I have been hoarding a lot of palettes for quite a while already(just didn't have time to go through them the same pace as I was buying). Majolica Majorca Majolook is one of the drugstore brands that stands out a bit more than others, thanks to their user-friendly soft texture and often interesting colors.  I have a habit of picking up at least one item from their seasonal collection but decided to take a look at their permanent lineup ( which is oftenly more boring).

The Majolook Illuminator palette in BR788 has been around for a long while, for around 8 years or so and it's one of the few items still standing still in the range. All of MJ palette have a name aside from the alphaneumeric code and from the Taiwanese blog posts I have read from, this shade is named Suede Boots 
(or something along the line, I am too lazy to check out their flash-heavy website).
All Majolook has that shimmery cream pan, I decided to not touch it since it doesn't help much with wear time (during summer)and gets nasty quickly when it sticks onto random loose shadow. BR788 is an olive bronze brown one that doesn't pull overly warm.
1. A ricepaper kind of light golden beige. It has a bit of peachy undertone and the pearly shade is subtle enough to blend out edges.

2. Main shading color, the golden olive brown is rich, smooth and pigmented. I like that it shades sufficiently without being too opaque/smoked out. There is some gleam to it that gives it a light glossy look. 

3. A deeper and drier warm brown that functions like a defacto matte, even despite the small glimmer. Its dry texture means that it's more suitable for subtle definition than precise tight - lining.
Majolica Majorca BR788 arm swatch
BR788 applied in the same standard gradation. I used the liner shade very sparingly. I find it very straight forward and flattering.
Even though it's richlypigmented, the overall color and finish are very suitable for summer time. The warmth and lightness reminds me of Lunasol Vivid Clear in Khaki Beige collection but it's glossy while Lunasol is more sunny yellow.

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