Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes EX-01 Bronze Brown Collection

So, I might have mentioned a few times that I like the clear and airy finish of Lunasol eyeshadow. The Vivid Clear Eyes exemplify that quality (not to mention, while staying well within my boring neutral comfort zone) and I kept going back to collect the "one last palette I need".
Two Vivid Clear Eyes were released for Summer 2013 (not including a red accented one coming with a kit), of course I had my eyes on the neutral one. Luckily enough for me, Lunasol's popularity has waned so much these past few years that it was still possible to procure one without too crazy of a mark up. 
The summer 2013 has gold print on the compact. It's another incentive for the collector and helps me identify and grab it among its similarly dressed cousins.  When you are near sighted and lazy, you don't want to spend a whole minute just to locate your makeup in the morning.
There are velvety prints on all four of the pans but they rub away with single light swipe. Overall the shade incorporated in the palette seem bland but these kind of combo tend to surprise and please me the most (that's why I am willing to take the risk when it's Lunasol).
1. Pearly rice beige. It's a tad more opaque than the rest and works well as a subtle highlighting base.

2. Slivery pewter (clear and sparkly) like glistening sands and lime yellow. Both of the shades are more glittery so I like them better layered on a pearly base instead of bare skin.
(Arm swatch. Yeah I tan a lot each summer) 

3. Medium to light bronze brown with see through pigmentation. It defines very little but gives a glow on lids that's very refreshing.  For my summer skin it's very flattering but I remember trying to use it last winter and having it turned yellow...

4. Deep brown with dryer texture and some reflective bits. Again, this is neither rich or intense but I love it that way. In fact, the whole palette is much clearer than the other two Vivid Clear Eyes I have.  In a way, it's like an exquisite take on Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes, it has all the light and brightening qualities but the texture is more refined and the colors here actually show up. 
The effect of EX01 Bronze Brown collection is light, glossy and eye brightening. It's totally wearable with minimal base makeup (my current go-to is the Josie Maran physical sunscreen, hence the dew everywhere) as you don't need to cake on a perfect canvas for it. It also goes well with bright juicy lip colors. 
Right now, I love it better than the other Vivid Clear (but my preference changes all the time though) and hope to get a lot of use out of It...Or I should give other Lunasol palettes some love(I bought a few more back in spring)...


  1. Yup! One of my most favorite palettes right here!

    1. Yeah. I love it for summer...Since I like vivd clear so much, I am thinking about picking up the orange collection as well.

    2. I have that and love it as well!


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