Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Integrate Sweet Trick Eyes in BR-314

Sometime I wonder if it's lucky to hit off a great start with a brand. I love my first Integrate eyeshadow purchase (the lilac shade Pure Big Eyes)and thought its texture rivals that of a high end palette. I have since looked around and bought five more palettes and each was worse than the other...
Here comes Sweet Trick Eyes - I loved the layout and non-fuzzy shade range. And a trio is less overwhelming than a quad.  As usual, the compact is light and very flimy(which should be noted as other drugstore brands like Kate, Lavshuca and Majolica all look and hold up well). While the included reflected surface is useless as a mirror, I love the soft cushy sponge tip applicator.

BR 314 is a collection of warm chocolatly browns with sandy gleam. The right pan is a base and also an undereye shade to create that innocent puff. I imagine the shades would give such a nice definition with the lovely warm (but neither orange or red) tone. Well, I still like the colors but the texture fails me big time. 
The warm chestnut brown is speckled with matching flecks. It doesn't shade deeply or works as an intense liner but I am happy with the color payoff(I don't handle deep shades well). The texture is dry and somewhat thin but I should be ok when applied on top of a creamier base color (which does not exist in this palette).

The golden bronze chamgagne taupe is the main shading color. Normally I love this kind of illuminating soft-medium neutrals. of course it's ruined by the texture. The powder is very dry, thin and sheer (not clear and see through finish, but the type that refuse to layer up no matter how hard I try). Not only it kicks out a ton of fly out when used with a brush(the sponge tip doesn't even help) , it actually feels like a layer of fine sand when I load it on. 

The vanilla-rice colored base and highlighter is the only one with smooth-enough and workable texture but it's still rather boring and isn't redeeming by itself.
After some serious redipping. I was able to get some soft gleam with BR 314 that does not nessesarily look bad, it just rubs away easily under the summer heat.
I have tried my luck with a sticky base but that just makes it look like a lump od dampened sand smeared on my lid. 

Overall: I found the formula utterly terrible (the worst J-palette I have tried so far) even though I enjoy the shade coordination, a little. Maybe I should try it under different weather condition. By the way, this sucka bought three of them at once...
Well, at least I enjoyed taking pictures of the shiny packaging. 

Now I want some soft Colourpop redemption (but I must resist).


  1. Aww... I've been eyeing these. At least now I won't be tempted! The colors are pretty though!

    1. All three I got were so bad that I had to remove them before heading outside. To think of it, that already adds up to a Lunasol already.

    2. Wow that's terrible! :( To think the Pure Big Eyes were so lovely it's hard for me to even understand how these Sweet Trick Eyes could be so bad!

    3. Well, I am not that surprised since I don't like rainbow grade and nudy grade eyes. Sweet trick eyes just hit a new low.

  2. That palette is pretty! It's a pity that quality is so bad.

    1. It actually surprised me that even though there were some really sheer Japanese palettes I have tried, none had this sort of dry and uncomfortable texture to work with.


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