Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Realher Moisturizing Lipstick (PR Sample)

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Cindy from Realher to try their Moisturizing Lipstick (12.99 dollars a piece from their site and Amazon). It's hard to hop on to the review without some back stories (in my case, ranting from a confused soul) so let's talk about the brand a bit.

When it comes to marketing a new brand, company would sculpt a certain image for the and market towards women who aspires to look/feel that way. I can't imagine how complex the whole process is as you are coordinating multiple variables and presenting everything before the customers decide that your product is worthy of their time, attention and money (when there are dozens of similar products as the same price point).
Here enters Realher, who decides that makeup should give you confidence and a form of expression (stating the obvious?) without the whole complex brand message/image. They simplified the whole marketing process and came up a line that appeals to different types of millennial women with their empowering...names on the lipsticks.

That's why the two (rather standard) colors I got are I Define Beauty Myself and I am powerful, mauve and wine. To quote them "With each application, you reinforce the words on the quotes until it takes on a new identity." 
Instruction unclear. I am on my eighth swipe and I don't feel powerful yet (I do, however, look like Uncle McDonald already). Should I keep on going or abort mission? Maybe we are not supposed to take their words literally. 

I am clearly not a part of their target demographic so this feels like the lipstick equivalent of inspirational gifs on tumblr.   Even if any one of those self actualizing quotes has an effect on me, I am more likely to just buy the rubber bracelets or as stickers and plaster them everywhere. The good part about the lipsticks is that it's not just empty talk, 20% of the proceed actually goes to American Association of University Women. 

 To me, charity involvement (admittedly respectful)  is never a determining factor for my purchases (the actual products are what I like to pay for). It's mutually beneficial to both the brand and the organization so no complain here. It only bothers me when brands do it mainly for self-promotion and/or the non-profit organization chosen is shady (neither is the cases here).
Now let's just talk lipstick. The packaging for Realher is a black-and-white plastic square tube (white part does get stained). It's chunky for my liking but nonetheless sturdy and easy to store. The actual lipstick rests firmly in the base and doesn't wobble around.  
I Define Beauty Myself is an opaque mauve in a white base. If you like full coverage lipstick with a slightly shiny finish, this would be a great choice for you. The formula is creamy without being slippery and wears very comfortably even on a dry-lips day. It's not a type of color or finish I normally purchase or wear (I prefer semi-sheer with a clear base that blends into my lips) but I can't find fault in it.
I am Powerful is an intense warm wine (this time, in a clear base). My application is blotchy but that's the best I can get (when natural light and free time are scarce). For an intense color like this, it stays on without bleeding or creeping into my lip lines.

Overall: These are lipsticks with great formula that's similar to but better than Maybelline Color Sensational and Rimmel Moisture Renew.  So far, the color selection is very small but it should cover most people's (reads: non lippie addicts') basic need. 

While I don't personally recommend those (I don't wear those colors nor do I love the packaging), I cannot think of any reason to stop you from adding one as your Amazon cart-filler. 


  1. That wine's pretty, though I suspect it'll turn me into a vampire, not necessarily a bad thing I guess... ^.^

    1. It does make my skin look super pale (maybe it just throws off the white balance in my camera?) I just don't know when and where to wear such shade.


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