Sunday, April 17, 2016

Wet n Wild Spring Into the Wild Collection Spring 2016

It's kind of late but I finally stumbled upon a full display for the Wet n Wild Spring collection at Harmon.
Given my experience with newer Wet n Wild eyeshadow, those will be safe skips. But I might pick up one of the Geometric highlighting powder. They kind of look like Cle de Peau one.
Pastel nail colors, nothing really new.


  1. What's wrong with the new eyeshadow formula? I haven't bought wet n wild in a while.

    1. It's not as great (well from my limited experience, I got the LE from spring and fall 2015) compared to the ones circa 2010-2013. The powder seems talc-y and dry on those while the older ones are more buttery. The 10-pan released this year is decent though, but still with the loose formula seen on recent years.


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