Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NYX Butter Gloss in Cherry Cheesecake

 NYX Butter Gloss has been around for quite sometime and I have never gotten it for some reason (because I don't live closed to an Ulta anymore where there had those legit 40% off sale) even though the brand is accessible at CVS and Harmon (none of which is walking distance from where I live). 
Anyway, one day I was browsing at Nordstrom Rack and saw a (sealed) tube of this for 3.25, there was no reason to not pick it up. The shade I went for was a bright creamy orange called Cherry (Sorry I kept remember it as Strawberry but it's not) Cheesecake. I guess this is the color of strawberry Cherry mixed with cheddar cheese?
Oops. Suqqu EX-18 is Momosuishou. Murasakisuishou is an 8-color eyeshadow palette that seemed cool at first but started to get on my nerve the more I looked at it. I saw it for 50 bucks on eBay and was like nah-uh Do Not Want...

On the arm NYX strawberry cheesecake is very similar to Almay Apricot Pucker but the difference in texture means that they translate quite distinctly on the lips, at least to me. Almay has a watery texture that dampens the mouth and enhances the red (well, I overload enough for the orange to show) while NYX has that thicker and creamier gel texture that stays better and gives more of a creamy glazed effect. 

I thought the effect it gives is rather similar to Suqqu ex-18 lipstick (momosuishou), which I heavily abused in my review. I mean, that wasn't a bad lipstick at all, it's just an utterly overpriced one that (I had to buy because Selfridges force bundled it with a palette) doesn't look any better than the 5-dollar NYX.
NYX Cherry Cheesecake (heavily applied because that's what I do). Applies evenly, smoothly and is thick without being gunky or too sticky. It's very similar to Maybelline Color Elixir and actually comparable to the old Revlon Super Lustrous formula in terms of color payoff and wear time (I still like the old Revlon better). 

Overall, I really enjoy using it and can totally see why it was popular (for the same reason how Revlon lippies released 2010-2013 were well loved). I will pick up a few more shade when I see another decent sale.

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