Monday, April 04, 2016

Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadow

Inglot is a Polish makeup brand that (I assume) has gotten quite popular (otherwise how do they afford the screen commercial in Times Square?) these past few years. The whole line up was impressivly huge and rather intimidating so I never gave it much thoufhts before seeing everything in person.

Last fall, while I was in the city and had a few hours to kill (before heading north to a Lang Lang recital), I hung around Macy's where there is an Inglot counter. I waited forever to get help (it's Friday afternoon), walked away with four eyeshadow pans and an instant buyers remorse.

"Shit. I won't wear these shades." 
I picked up four softly tropical shade, all in semi-clear glimmering finish (the neutral are nice but weren't very unique so I didn't pick up any). 33 (bright aqua/not official name but my own description), 24 (fresh mint), 26 (sunny yellow) and 17 (gilded sage).

Each pan contains 3.2 grams of product and retails for 7 bucks a piece. The four shadow added up to around 33 dollars (maybe more expensive at that Macy's?). I remember it distinctly since I received an Lunasol palette on the same day (which was 36 dollars shipped)...My cheap toys didn't come out cheap at all, it seems.

Each eyeshadow pan has the sealed inside a air pumped packaging (then placed in a small paper box). It can be popped into either their own palette or (in my case) a Z palette.
From the four colors I picked, they all have the soft shimmer that isn't frosty-pearly but they lacks the multicolored shimmer (in Japanese eyeshadow) so they apply flat on my flat eyes. While decently pigmented, the powder is of a packed formula that works better with fingertip or sponge.

All color are sheer but vivid so they look weird when I use each shade on its own, they also lacks the touch of murkiness (something that resonate with naturally occurred colors in my skin) that makes colors wearable for everyday wear. These are the colors that require a base and coordination for a complete look (that's a bit too expressive for conservative work environment anyway).

Given how I only like my singles as one-man shows (aka being the lazy ass that I am) I simply decide to not deal with them. As cute as each color looks on the back of my hand , they really aren't pretty/complex/unique enough for me to want to spend time on them.

The quality of these shadow is good (nowhere close to my single-digit favorites from drugtores or Asian brands) and the price is affordable (then again anything I buy and don't reach for is too expensive) . They are pretty much 3000 pennies of regret. 

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