Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Besame Crimson Rouge

The cherry blossom in my neighborhood is about to bloom (the smaller yoshino already did but I can't climb up to take pictures) so let me finally review a purchase from last year.

Besame Crimson Rouge is one of the brand's star products (popular enough to be available on Amazon for a while). The brand has since added an apricot shade but I didn't want to buy a cart filler I don't use (or pay the shipping just for one item). 
The paper packaging features a drawing of flapper (?) with a very warm subdued choice of colors. I like how retro it actually feels (like it was literally from early-mid 1900s but very well-kept), instead of a cheaply made item that's vintage-inspired.

The compact is quite huge (containing 7g of product) and since the cap doesn't have that rounded edge, it was a beast to open and close. I feel like it takes an equinox for it to perfectly align. I guess that's a minor complain since the thin edge is part of the attractive design.
Did I mention the tin is huge (for a cream blush)? The rouge has a powdery, non-offensive scent and the consistency of a very condensed lipstick (without much filler wax or oil, just a whole lot of pigment) . In addition to its slack of slip, it's very easy to get a patchy application even with a tiny dip of fingertip.

I find out that to get the right amount of tint, I need to swipe it with a small lip brush and lightly dot it across my cheek (it feels like drawing manga) then blend it with finger. Either way, it's a family-sized products no matter how I look at it. 

Similarly, it can be dabbed on the lips as an obvious pink red tint. A light layer wears weightlessly and isn't particularly drying as I imagined it to be. Anyway, I am actually surprised that it stays pink (ddoesn't turn crazy magenta like all the Korean lippies I got).
The color Crimson looks red but it's unmistakably bright rose on the skin. It has a brightening effect on the skin (when used in moderation) and the clear pigmentation (from the lack of filler) has the slightest hint of powderyness. It really shows how much effort the founder put into the product, as it really looks like the cheeks of those 50s pin up girl posters. 
One dip (with finger) resulted these, which is still too much for both cheeks.

Overall: I really enjoy the Crimson Rouge (and would like to get the apricot one someday). I don't reach for it often enough since it's so easy to overdo. I think Canmake are much more user friendly with my pokey fingers.


  1. WOW! Want!! But I can't find this Crimson color anywhere, not even on E(vil)bay! :( Point me in a direction please?

    1. I guess it's only available on the website now? It was available on Amazon last year but none could be found when I tried a few weeks back.

  2. I second D. WANT!
    The tin looks gorgeous, and I like the slightly cooler hues (compared to the Canmake). Good to hear that it works well on lips, but bad to hear it's hard to find. *pouts*

    1. I wouldn't say it wears well (it's still drying like any other lip/cheek stain)but since it's so pigmented, I don't use enough to cause dryness...

      PS. I saw them on ebay actually(with a few bucks mark up so I might as well buy from their site), I am guessing Dalenna can't see the result because they don't ship outside US?


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