Friday, March 04, 2016

Wet n Wild - More Spring Releases and Makeup Brushes

It has been more than 2 months since the start of the new year and Wet n Wild's spring releases is slowly getting out in all drugstores. From Duane Reade here are some Vegan Makeup Brushes. Eyeshadow, foundation and liner brushes are pictured above.
A bigger powder brush.
 An almost empty (the eyeshadow trio has been tested) Spring into the Wild display (The Harmon was located at a busy street in NY after all). I will wait for it to show up in Rite Aid.
Mascara (with primer), Brow Stencil kit, concealer and brow mascara
10 pan palette in Coming in Latte (they are a bit expensive at 6.99) but I managed to grab it at 40% off in Rite Aid.
Quartz Center
 Color Icon Blush - the apricot one on lower left looks like a new shade
Velvet Matte lip pencils

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