Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Visee Glossy Rich Eyes in BL-7 Blue Me Away

 Nah, it didn't. However, I was surprised that it didn't make me look like a streetwalker. 

We just had a sweltering day today (beside the temperature in the upper 70s, the office building management decided that since it's still winter, the heat was blowing out the whole day), let's cool down with some ice and tacky blue eyeshadow. As side note as a blogger (more like a person to tries too hard with the glamour shots with seasonal background), I miscalculated the amount of actual winter weather we are getting. As a result, I didn't managed many pictures with icy background...So, enjoy while we can.
I have four of these Visee Glossy Rich Eyes and I am not sure how I ended up with this many. The texture was alright (a wee chalky for my liking) and the colors are nothing special (none of that medium purple or taupe leaning shades with strong wet sheen or boring neutral with a kick). I guess packaging played an important role and the 14-dollar price tag was too irresistible.
I don't own any true blue palette so a drugstore palette seems a good place to start. Glossy Rich BL-7 isn't a primary blue one (which would be awfully hard to wear for non-Smurf) but with minor tonal shift here and there.
There are some subtle multi-color shimmer but overall the finish is just straight up shimmery and not too complex.  Like the other Glossy Rich, the shadow all have a damped texture with the upper lefr pan being most cream-like.
 Starting from the lightest going clockwise:
1. Soft yellow - pearly cream base that's smoothing and not sticky. The cream base in Glossy Rich are usually quite handy but I can't use them all the way up to brow, due to the pearly finish.

2. Light icy mint (it's cooler than the main shade but overall I find it warmer than it is cool), this isn't too blue that it works highlighting tear ducts and undereye.

3. Glimmering lagoon that's quite clear (more like it looks trashy when I pack on the color). Near opacity is attainable with sponge tip applicator, just not flattering on me.

4. Deep navy eyeliner. Well, it's the deepest shade in the quad but the color is still on the sheer side (I wasn't expecting something intense anyway).
With indirect sunlight. The color scheme is quite safe and since the colors are either leaning turquoise or being muted so they don't give off a stark contrast against the skintone. The powder is a little chalky (not any better or worse than other Glossy Rich, but the texture pops along with the brighter color).
 So all the shade layered from lightest to darkest (with the tiniest bit of navy really blended out). This type of color will really highlight zits and heavy makeup so I will reserve it for really great skin day (when I get those days, I don't think I want to reach for this palette) though.
 Visee Glossy Rich Eyes BL-7, when contained within the crease, is actually quite wearable but not so great that I want to wear it out. In fact, I decided that it would easier to just wipe one eye clean instead of completing the whole look and wear it out and about.

 It just makes me wonder that with a silkier glide, maybe I can start looking for palettes with better texture. (Lunasol Vivid Ocean has the same color scheme)...

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