Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kate Trap Impact Eyes in BR-1

Kate (now it's Kate Tokyo?) is an edgy, cool and rebellious (you know it's like a girl who screams "No more rule!" yet all she come up with is boring neutral.) member of the Kanebo family. I haven't paid much attention to the brand but decided to pick up a cart filler when I was hunting down some Majolica LE.
The Trap Impact Eyes was a new line that came out Fall 2015, instead of the usual gradational palette (that every brand does/I can't stop buying anyway), this range also boast its "unique" under eye split pan shadow that elongate the eyes by highlight/define them.
The palette has a straightforward layout that literally tells you where to place each shade, on the flip side there is that fake mirror that is better at giving you a headache.

  The upper pan is a pearly murky rosy beige. The medium color (lid shade) is a reddish, burnt-rose brown goes on fairly dark and smoked out. The liner shades is a deeper rosy brown with a bit of purple undertone.

The two highlighter for undereyes with the left (for inner corners)more pearly and the outter pan deeper in color but more clear.

Overall the finish of the palette is softly satin (not glowy or wet-looking), with shimmer so soft that it almost as subtle as a lightly smoldering matte. The texture seems very fine that I don't kick out a lot of powder when I use a brush.
Kate Trap Impact Eyes BR-1 applied according to the instruction.  I think the palette does exactly what it promises to do, both defining and lengthening. I find the lid shade a little deeper than what I am used to but it's still wearable enough for the daytime.
The rosy briwn looks a tad purple taupe here. The under eye shadow is (nothing of a nouveau idea)quite effective that the soft shimmer gives a "youthful puff" without getting all chalky and too madeup.

Overall: I like the palette enough but it somehow proves my prejudice against the brand, the quality is rather solid but overall the color schemes are just too boring...Maybe I will enjoy it more if I have some punk rock concerts to go to.

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