Sunday, March 20, 2016

Gosh Liquid and Pencil Eyeliners

GOSH is a cool and somewhat pricy (to me) Danish brand that was available at Duane Reade (and the fancy Walgreens in downtown Chicago). The clearance for the brand started back in winter 2015 and it was full-on 75% off by last spring. I managed to hoard a few toys last year whenever I headed to the city and this is the last batch to review (I had some eyeshadow singles too but I gave them to a friend). *Sobs* 

The two Velvet Touch eyeliners are rich, creamy and prone to creasing and being rubbed off. 018 I Sea You is a glimmering dark teal (comparable to Pixi Emerald Gold, just not the formula)and Golden Moss (no shade number)  is a thinner, waxier yellow olive with smaller shimmer. Golden Olive is neutral enough to be quite wearble. 

005 Flirty Orange turned out to be a lipliner instead (at first I thoughts it's one of those cool blush-tone K-pop eye kind of liner), which I never wear. I mean, I expected my lipstick to stay within the lip boundary (and dismiss anything that doesn't).
Now to the Longlasting Eyeliner pens (two on the left) and Intense Eyeliner pen.

I am not sure why they call these Eyeliner Pens (as they come with felt tip applicators) but the two are very precicise and easy to apply. The line isn't too intense but can be layered. The formula doesn't smear and only come off as flakes when I rub them with water. Both Blackened Brass and Navy Blue are (exactly what they are named) wearble takes on colored eyeliner with a touch of shimmer.

The felt tip Intense Eyeliner Pen (is actually a pen) offers a clean warm brown line that's very much rub-resistant. 
The longer part (where I am holding) are actually the caps...These liquid liner are sure confusing. Anyway, overall the quality of the luquid liners are impressive (I like quite a few items from the brand actually) so it's sad to see it getting replaced by brands like Colour Prevails and Circa.

Flirty Orange, I Sea You, Golden Moss, Blackened Brass, Navy Blue and Brown


  1. Oh the Blackened Brass and the Navy Blue are gorgeous!!!

    1. They sure are, I think the whole brand is good at coming up with complex and wearable shades...I am glad that I hoarded enough before it was gone forever.


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