Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Demeter Cherry Blossom Cologne Spray

Here I am again, trying to explain my perception of a string of chemical compounds, inspired by a flower that itself has no scent (maybe I need to sniff harder when they bloom this year?). 

Demeter Cherry Blossom is a strong floral with a powdery base and a crisp apple peel smell on the first sprizt (dissapears quickly). To me, it's the stronger/longer-lasting one among the Demeter sprays and when used sparingly, it's gentle and unobstrusive. Well, since I spritzed too much when I was trying to retain the apple aroma, I am having a migraine as I am typing the review.

Overall, it's feels really pink (girly and sweet) and seems like it will go well with the pollen season and create some extreme headache on people who are more sensitive to smells. 

At least it was satisfying when I picked it up from Marshalls (yeah yeah I have stopped stalking the store now I have other financial obligations).
(Nozzle is effective but I guess I have yet to see a squirter from actual perfume).

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